Unassigned Stops

Unassigned stops is a Team feature that allows a dispatcher to have a set of stops that is not tied to a route, and then move stops to different routes. This is useful if you have a number of locations and several different drivers, but need to figure out how to split up stops.

Adding locations

There a couple ways you can add locations to unassigned stops.

The first two ways are through the planner. Open the Routes list, and then tap Unassigned Stops at the top to open Unassigned Stops in the planner.

Go to unassigned stops planner

From there, you can search for a stop as normal, and add it to the unassigned stops list. You can also add favorites by tapping on a favorite and then selecting Add to Route.

The last way is through uploading. To do this, go to the Upload screen, and select Upload to Unassigned Stops - this will add the stops in the spreadsheet on a successful upload.

Upload unassigned

Moving and Copying to Routes

After adding all the locations that you want to Unassigned Stops, you'll likely want to move or copy the stops to other routes, so that they can be run by drivers.

To do this, enter multi-select mode by either tapping on the Edit button in the upper right of the planner, or tapping on a stop pin icon in the list of the planner. From here, select the stops you want to move or copy, and then select either the Move Stops or Copy Stops action at the top of the screen.

Move or copy stops

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