Multi-Select Actions

Dispatching often requires working on large numbers of locations, and individually editing stops is not an option. Team RoadWarrior allows for multi-select and bulk operations on routes and stops to help you with your routes.

Basic Multi-Select

In order to initiate multi-select mode in a list, tap on the circle icon of the item on the left. You can also toggle multi-select mode by tapping the Edit (pencil icon) button. This applies to all of the main lists (routes, favorites, schedules, history, and stops).

Edit button or icon

Edit button

One option common to all lists is multi-delete. Please be careful when deleting items. If no items are selected when the delete button is pressed, this will prompt you to delete ALL of your items in the list.

Merging Routes

Often times, there are a few leftover stops from multiple routes that still need to be run. You can create a route with just these stops by merging routes together.

Merge routes can be found in the Routes screen, initiate multi-select, then select the routes you want to merge. After that, tap the Merge Routes button at the top of the screen to create a new route with those stops. The existing routes will not be affected.

Merge routes

Planner Multi-Select

The planner has the most multi-select options. If you tap the icon of a stop, you will be in stop multi-select mode. If you tap the icon of a favorite, you will enter favorite multi-select mode.

You can only select either favorites or stops at one time.


Set Service Time

Set service time allows you to set a specific service time for multiple stops at once.

Set Schedule

Set schedule allows you to choose a schedule to apply to multiple stops. This can be helpful after uploading a number of locations to a route.

Move Stops

Move stops moves the selected stops from the current route to a different route. The stops will no longer be present in the current route.

Copy Stops

Copy stops makes a copy of the selected stops from the current route to another route. This is different from Move Stops because the stops also remain in the current route.


Add to route

Add to route adds all of the selected favorites to the current route.

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